Performance Monitoring Services

Measure, track, and manage performance and efficiency of your building systems under one service.

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Performance Monitoring Services: The Best Investment You Can Make

What is Performance Monitoring?

Performance monitoring is the measurement and evaluation of system operations to track and verify that your performance goals are being achieved.

Dedicated Refrigeration and Energy Engineering Expertise

Our engineering team specializes in analysis and optimization of complex refrigeration systems. We will provide ongoing recommendations to help solve performance problems, improve efficiency, and achieve energy savings.

Continuous Improvement

Industrial plants and refrigeration systems are dynamic, with complex interactions between components and controls. With EnergyDashboard, see where performance limitations lie and evaluate the benefits for change.




A web-based analytics engine providing a real-time look into your system's performance. Data is collected from the customer's site and is available through our secure internet services.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Evaluation

We provide you with professional evaluation and analysis of system performance. Track system issues and keep up to date with detailed reports.

Minimize Operating Costs

Demand Response Planning

Performance monitoring and post-event analysis following demand response events is vital to achieving energy efficient goals. Achieve the lowest overall operating costs for your facility.

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